Friday, 19 April 2013


Hi, my name is Rachel and I hope you will enjoy my blog. I may not update very often but I hope you will find it interesting anyway.

My main interest is birdwatching but I enjoy all aspects of wildlife. I am also a keen photographer (although, not very good at the moment) and will share my results on here.

I am going to Mallorca on holiday in the next few days for a week so this will be my first major blogging experience. I hope to update daily, wifi access permitting, otherwise it will be as and when I can.

I first visited Mallorca about 5 years ago and loved it, so am interested to see how it has changed. I am really looking forward to doing some walking and birdwatching whilst there and hopefully it will be well into the migration period whilst we are there. I am following this thread with much interest and I will also post on here whilst away.

Thank you for reading (and hopefully following too)


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  1. Hey Rach, Great to see you on blogger, looking forward to seeing what you're getting up to, let me know if you're over in the LDV!